Measuring instruments / measuring range RENAR ISO
Gauge block/length bars; 0,1 mm up to 1000 mm
Accessories for gauge block
Ring gauge, inner diameter 2 mm up to 250 mm
Ring gauge, inner diameter 251 up to 1000 mm
Diaphragm max DN200
Plug gauge, external diameter 0,1 mm up to 200 mm
Sphere gauges, diameter 0,1 mm up to 100 mm
Thread plug gauge, average diameter 1 mm up to 200 mm
Thread ring gauge, average diameter 3,5 mm up to 100 mm
Thread ring gauge, average diameter 101 mm up to 200 mm
Taper gauge, up to 100 mm
Limit snap gauges
Roller thread gauge
Spline gauges
Hexalobular plug gauge
Spline ring gauges
Non-standard thread gauge
Taper slot gauges
Precision ball (Sphere gauge)
Measuring pins, wire for thread measurement
Circularity for ring or plug gauges
Cylindricity for ring or buffer gauges
Roundness testing machine
Mechanical or digital exterior, interior, depth, height calipers; 0 mm up to 3000 mm
Welding gauge
Mechanical or digital external and depth micrometers; 0 up to 1000 mm
Laser micrometer
Internal micrometer in 2points; 5 mm up to 1500 mm
Internal micrometer in 2points; 1500 mm up to 3000 mm
Setting gauges for external micrometers up to 1000 mm
Interchangeable Anvils for micrometer; up to 1000 mm
Internal bore gauge
Internal micrometers (triobore) ; 2.5mm up to 250mm
Mechanical or digital comparators and electronic comparators; 0 mm up to 100 mm
Dial gauges, digital indicators, lever indicator
3D edge finder, center finder
Bore gauge
Chamfer measuring gauge
Dial and digital indicator calibrator
Length transducer up to 200 mm
Mechanical or digital thickness measuring devices; 0 mm up to 50 mm
Mechanical or digital thickness measuring devices; 50 mm up to 100 mm
Mechanical and electronic internal measuring gauge
Ultrasonic thickness measuring devices
Calibration foils for thickness gauges; 7 μm up to 20 mm
Coating thickness measuring devices; 9 μm up to 10 mm
Thickness feeler gauge
Radius gauge
Screw pitch gauges
Weld fillet gauges
Rigid, semi-rigid or flexible graded ruler, made of metal or other material, up to 5000 mm
Roulette and measuring tape up to 50m
Ruler with digital or optical display; 0 to 3 m
Knife edge, Straight edge
Surface plate (granite, steel)
Universal or digital microscope - liniar measurements ; 0,1 mm up to 300 mm
Profile projector - for linear measurements; 0,1 mm up to 300 mm
Length measuring machine (horizontal or vertical); 0 mm up to 1000 mm
Contour measuring instrument; distance X, Z, radius
Roughness measuring device; Ra, Rz, Rmax
Roughness specimen
Roughness comparison specimen
Paint adhesion checking device
Paint adhesion checking device (wet, humid)
Rebar detector in concrete
Measuring magnifier
Laser distance meterup to 5000 mm
Test sieves
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