Force and torque

Measuring instruments / measuring range RENAR ISO
Standard dynamometers, tension and compression; 0.1 N at 200 kN (ISO367)
Tensile and compression production dynamometers: 0.1 N to 200 kN
Static Material Testing Machines tensile and compressive
- traction from 1 N up to 200kN
- compression 1N up to 5000kN (5MN)
- crosshead displacement (0...1500) mm
- traverse speed (0,001... 1) m/s
Extensometer (0...1500) mm
Cable crimp tester / Pull tester (0...20)kN
Torque Wrench and Screwdriver up to 1600 Nm
Hydraulic, electric, pneumatic torque wrenches (0,1...10000) Nm (10kNm)

<1600 Nm

Torque multiplier (0...10000) Nm

<1600 Nm

Torque measuring device/transducer (0,1...1500) Nm

<550 Nm

Spinning / tightening degree (0...360)
Tensiometer for wires and cables; up to 10000 N
Paint adhesion tester up to 30 Mpa
Stiffness tester
Softness tester
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